Saturday, May 16, 2015

We've moved to Medevenx

Hi everyone! We've moved to a new website!!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Official PBA 2K14 v2.0 Released!

We've just added lots of new stuff to PBA 2K14 v2.0! All the ratings for the UAAP & NCAA Players have been finished, a lot of animations and corrected info have been done for the PBA and we have new cyberface updates for the players.

We've updated the new Commissioner's Cup jerseys and all the transactions have been updated.

New to v2.0 is the inclusion of the PBA D-League teams and the Gilas Pilipinas and Team USA teams. The D-League teams replaced the Euroleague teams and the special teams like Gilas and Team USA replace the retro NBA teams.

We've included 14 PBA D-League teams in the Exhibition roster for the Philippine Cup where there are 14 D-League teams in the Aspirant's Cup (first D-League conference for the season).

However, only 10 PBA D-League teams are present in the Exhibition roster for the Commissioner's Cup where there are 10 D-League teams in the Foundation Cup (second D-League conference for the season) as 4 teams have dropped out.

Gilas Pilipinas and Team USA face off in this version, with venues being the FIBA Asia 2013 MOA Arena and the Team USA Arena. We challenge you guys to beat Team USA with Gilas Pilipinas!

Dornas have also been included in this patch. When creating a MyCareer or Association, use the Comm Cup or Phil Cup rosters, not the Exhibition rosters, thank you. :)

Remember guys, we are your one and only source of PBA Gaming for NBA 2K14!

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Official PBA 2K14 v1.1 Released!

We've just updated the rosters! We fixed all MyCareer bugs and updated a lot of information. We've also updated the rotations according to the last game of the Philippine Cup's Game 6 o the Finals.

We've also started editing the ratings for the NCAA teams and have just successfully finished the first two NCAA teams, Perpetual Help Altas and Saint Benilde Blazers.

We've also edited the tendencies for the UAAP teams and gave both the UAAP and NCAA teams team colors.

We've just uploaded the FULL Pack (Main Directory Files 1 to 3 and Optional Files 1 to 2) and it's around 900 MB.

In the Rookie Showcase, Shej Roi Sumang is now the rival Point Guard for the Stars (opposing team) so get your defense up all you point guards out there!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Official PBA 2K14 v1.0 Released!

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay! We've updated PBA 2K14 to v1.0 with the inclusion of UAAP and NCAA teams, updated PBA rosters, and a lot of new features!

New Features
-PBA Philippine Cup Rosters (Updated Rotations, Ratings, Animations)
-PBA Commissioner's Cup Rosters (Imports, San Miguel Beermen Change, New Player and Coaching Transactions)
-8 UAAP Teams (Accurate Ratings)
-10 NCAA Teams (Ratings to be Edited)
-Working MyCareer Mode
-New Philippine Colleges & High Schools
-PLDT myDSL Scoreboard
-Updated Awards, Team Rivalries, Crowd Attendance
-New Courts, Retro Jerseys, Updated Cyberfaces

MyCareer & Association  Modes
The schedule has been reconstructed from an 82/66/29/14-game schedule to an 18-game Double-Round Robin schedule. PBA teams will face only PBA teams, UAAP will face only UAAP teams, and NCAA teams will face only NCAA teams.



PBA games start from November 17 until the All-Star game on January 31, which means only PBA players will participate in the All-Star events. The schedule is 100% accurate, mirroring the real-life 2013-2014 Philippine Cup schedule for the first 14 games, and 4 additional games have been added to make the schedule 18 games.


UAAP games start after the All-Star game and face only the UAAP teams. However, since there are only 8 UAAP teams, we placed American NCAA teams Louisville Cardinals and North Carolina Tar Heels as placeholders while we wait for the information and pictures on other colleges (preferably one college from Visayas, and one college from Mindanao).


Similar to the UAAP schedule, the NCAA teams face each other in a double round-robin format and starts after the All-Star game.

However, in the Playoffs, all teams will face each other in a 16-team East/West conference NBA-style Playoffs. The PBA, UAAP, and NCAA have all been divided into two groups to ensure balance.


The rosters are different according to Draft Orders.

Draft PBA

This roster allows your MyCareer player to be drafted ONLY to PBA teams. The draft order is accurate according to the 2013 PBA Draft.

Draft UAAP

This roster allows your MyCareer player to be drafted ONLY to UAAP teams, excluding the two American NCAA teams. The draft order is based on the youngest players on the respective teams, and according to the team record for the team during the last few seasons.

Draft NCAA

This roster allows your MyCareer player to be drafted ONLY to NCAA teams. The draft order is based on the youngest players on the respective teams, and according to the team record for the team during the last few seasons.

New Colleges

New Colleges & High Schools have been added for you to choose from. They are located in last part of the colleges. Some examples are Ateneo and UST, etc. Around 100 colleges & high schools have been added.

Future Updates

We will be adding more exciting features and we will be updating the ratings & tendencies of the NCAA rosters soon!

A FULL PACK (Main Directory Files 1 to 3, and Optional Files 1 to 2 will also be uploaded tomorrow)

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Official PBA 2K14 v0.3c Released (January 21 Update)

We've updated the rosters for both NBA and PBA! All the transactions and jersey numbers have been updated.

K.G. Canaleta (A21) has been traded to TNT for Sean Anthony and Eliud Poligrates.

A lot of attributes, body types, tendencies, signature skills have also been updated by I accidentally forgot to save my changelog so there won't be a comprehensive changelog for this update.

PBA teams now have jersey numbers on the shorts!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Official PBA 2K14 v0.3b Released (January 18 Update)

Big update today! A lot of transactions have been updated like Royal Ivey going to the Thunder, etc. Lots of NBA signings so check out the changelog!

Rondo also returns to the starting lineup for the Celtics along with other updated rotations.

For PBA, rotations and accessories have been updated according to the games last night!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Official PBA 2K14 v0.3 Released! (January 15 Update)

Hi everyone! We've updated all the rotations as accurate as tonight's games. We've also updated the accessories and team colors and some ratings.

Included is an NBA update where the 3-team trade for MIA, GSW, and BOS trades have been completed. There are also no more missing players as all signings have been completed as well.

PBA 2K14 Official Trailer by Shady00018

Here is the official YouTube trailer for PBA 2K14 made by the legendary Shady00018!

Everybody please greet him a happy birthday today!!

What's to expect in v0.4?

v0.4 is going to be the next update with a Main Directory Files 3 download. It'll have new cyberfaces, updated courts, and the long-awaited PLDT myDSL scoreboard. Lots of new members have also joined the team Pinoy 2K Modders where about 4 cyberface patchers have been introduced to the team and will headline the next update along with another modder's contribution (the PLDT myDSL scoreboard). A file we also wish to include in v0.4 would be portraits for the PBA players which is a bit difficult to do. We'll also make sure that MyCareer will definitely work in v0.4 now that I (Medevenx) have been working around the roster editing tool to figure out how to make it work.

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